5 Best YouTube Guided Meditations

Guided meditation was the one of the best ways for me to get started.

In the beginning, I found that guided meditations were appealing.  They literally walked me through the meditation. I didn’t have to “do” anything but just sit there and let it happen. This seemed simple enough for a guy like me who can complicate things.

After scouring countless meditations, I’ve collected the best guided meditations on YouTube. Each one illustrates fun mindfulness exercises and approaches. Whether for sleep, anxiety, chakra-clearing, or binaural beats, these are worth listening to.

#1. Blissful Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation

I like this guided meditation because it has sounds of ocean waves in the background. This is nice because it puts me into a calm state by itself. Also, there is a wonderful integration of breathing exercises that sooth and relax. You may find yourself feeling weightless at some point, which is quite nice.

This YouTube video is effective for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

#2. Guided Sleep Meditation: Delta Waves, Deep Sleep, Inner Peace

 Even though there aren’t any instructions with this guided meditation, the music and imagery work well. This is the best YouTube videos I can think of to start with. Want deep, restful sleep? Read this article on deep sleep meditation.

#3. Breathing Guided Imagery Meditation

I like the way this begins by simply demonstrating what deep breathing means. The meditation guides you to put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. This shows the correct method of diaphragmatic breathing, which increases the amount of oxygen that goes into your lungs.

Beyond that, this meditation does a nice job of guiding you through imagery to stillness. You are then given about 10 minutes without a guiding voice to allow you to float in silence. “The Seat” meditation is an effective way to connect with your breath and find a place of stillness inside.

#4. 10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety


This guided meditation is designed to alleviate anxiety. This is for those of you who have emotional vampires in your life and want to relieve stress. I like its brevity (about 10 minutes) and general helpfulness for those new to meditation.

When just starting, many people prefer having a voice to guide them for the duration of a meditation. Soft speech combined with the flute and strings in the background of this video are soothing.

The voice directs you in following your breath and also involves some guided imagery with nature.

#5. Chakra Clearing and Activating Meditation

This may be better for those open to an Eastern conception of the body involving chakras. However, I also find it to be universal and digestible for anyone with an open mind.

If you’re unfamiliar with “chakras,” this meditation explains along the way. It directs you to breathe in healing and positive energy and breathe out negativity. This has the effect of shifting your mindset to be more positive.

The progressive scanning up the body after feeling a connection with the Earth is pretty sweet. It also creates a physical relaxation similar to that felt in a body scan. If you seek to gain clarity with all areas of life, this guided meditation is powerful.

Article by Mindfulness Muscle


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