8 Simple Meditation Techniques For Kids

In this era of competition, where physical stress and sensory overload are swallowing up the life and health of kids, active meditation for kids can help them out in a number of ways. Just like adults, children also need to meditate regularly to boost their focusing power, control their minds, soothe their inner selves and build Self confidence . But, how to teach meditation to kids?

Here are 8 simple and easy meditation techniques for kids that would be perfect:

1. Chakra Breathing:

Kids do not have the idea of ‘seven chakras’ present within our body. So, start by showing them those 7 locations. They need to stand upright by keeping feet shoulder-width apart and breathe fast into each chakra by focusing completely on the act of breathing. Though there is no restriction on moving the arms and the body, they must keep the mouth open during the whole process.

2. Breath Awareness:

This should be practiced by sitting straight on the floor and creating ‘Gyan Mudra’ by placing the wrists on the knees and joining the tips of the thumb and the index finger together. They need to breathe just in the normal manner and feel as the air goes inside and outside the nostrils. The eyes should be closed and the body should be still.

3. Take Five Breath:

As the name suggests, this meditation technique revolves around inhalation and exhalation each 5 times. Children should sit straight and take 5 breathes normally. They must close their eyes and keep counting the number of inhalation and exhalation by using their fingers. It will bring their focus on their breathing and slow down their mind efficiently.

4. Whirling:

This is one of the most popular ways of meditation among children as they enjoy it a lot. All they need to do is to whirl as they wish. There is no specific direction in which they should whirl. Rather, encourage them to whirl the way they are comfortable. Their eyes should be open and arms should be stretched out. Tell them to start slowly and go fast gradually. Slowly, they will get a body-less feeling and be able to sense the inner whirling.

5. Cloud Gazing:

Kids need to sit upright on the ground and focus on their breathing, while inhaling and exhaling normally. Tell them to imagine their mind as a sky and consider thoughts as clouds that are passing through the sky. They should imagine the sky with clouds coming, going and altering their shapes in between. It will improve their observation power and make them aware of the fact that nothing is constant in life.

6. Bell Meditation:

Instruct the children to sit on the floor and close their eyes. Now, ring a bell. They need to listen to the loud sound and explore it by using their senses. The objective of this meditation is to enhance the attentive listening power of the kids. It will help them recognize the closest, farthest, most left or most right bell by keeping the eyes closed.



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7. Relaxation Song:

Choose specific songs that are known to be extremely relaxing and combine them with meditation. Kids should be seated straight on the floor and practice the songs in their minds quietly. While pronouncing each syllable, they should touch the tips of all other fingers (from the index finger to the baby finger) with their thumbs one by one. This meditation exercise will help them calm down significantly.

8. Gibberish:

This is an active meditation and children simply love to practice it. It involves nothing, but closing their eyes and uttering some meaningless sounds. This should be all gibberish and they can make any sort of movement, such as jumping, swaying, whirling, etc. along with it. Encourage them to continue it unless and until they feel exhausted. After that, make them sit calmly and focus on the breath.

Meditation and children may seem like an odd combination, but remember, those little minds need some cooling off too! So get your little one the best gift by teaching him the joy of meditation!

These are few simple meditation techniques for kids. If you have a little one in your house, which meditation technique will you love to teach him or her? Share with us in the comment section.


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