5 Ideas to Create Your Own Yoga Room at Home


Even though you can join a yoga studio, the trend of creating your own yoga room at home is increasing on a daily basis. People are turning their living rooms, store rooms and other rooms in to ‘yoga rooms’ where they can meditate and relax. Creating your own yoga room at home would make you feel more at peace and relaxed. You can use your own imagination to create the room or hire someone to design it for you; however details like paint, lighting and flooring do matter. Hence, we will be telling you about some things to keep in mind while designing a yoga room.

Finding Space

The first and most obvious step to the whole process is looking for a room or a space that you can use as your yoga room. The size does not matter – be it big or small. The idea is to create a space which is dedicated to yoga and where you can easily do it. You can even allocate a certain part of a room for yoga; however, the cost that you will incur will depend on many different things.


The color of your yoga room plays a crucial role during yoga practice. Most yogis are aware that yoga typically involves light colors like white, yellow or lavender. This will inspire you and light colors usually give a sense of peace and tranquility.


While designing a yoga room, it is better to use more energy efficient lighting. An even better idea is using natural light, but if that is not possible then make sure that the light you use are not too bright, they should give you a soothing and relaxing feeling.

Music System and Television

If you are depending on watching yoga DVDs to do your exercises then having a television in the room is important, also you could have a music system to play calm, soothing music while you do yoga!


It is very important to decorate your room, in a way that can enhance your yoga experience. Sculptures can be placed inside the room; these sculptures should be calming and soothing. A good example would be the classic Buddha statue. You could also place mirrors inside the room and place scented candles.   You could also place a vase with fresh flowers or pot puri! Whatever suits your fancy!

Yoga essentials

The final thing to take care of is the yoga essentials. First comes in the yoga mat, if you are looking for a yoga mat you could buy it at the Fitness Republic Store. You should also have pillows, blankets, soothing music with you!


Yoga is all about peace, relaxation and tranquility. Hence, it is very important that the room that you design would provide you all of these things. Thus, when you are designing your own yoga room it is important to take care of these details that have been mentioned above.


Here are 5 yoga room ideas for your home

Idea #1

Photo by Blansfield Builders, Inc. 
Idea #2
Idea #3
Idea #4
Photo by Allure Interiors Inc.....Crystal Ann Norris
Idea #5
Photo by Feldman Architecture, Inc.

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