Why Yoga Retreats Are Better Than Holidays

by Gina Hardy

Yoga retreats are on the rise. In a nutshell, they represent time well-spent to maintain balance in a world that, on some levels, has gone a bit mental in terms of lifestyle and time deprivation.

SO many people are realizing that “time out” is becoming a necessity, and yoga retreats are a superb response to handling stress and its myriad of conditions. It is the perfect answer to that dream of escaping from anything and everyone.

The plethora of retreats popping up globally is a clear indicator that we are just not coping well with the speed of life. Many people are suffering from an emotional disconnect, which can be caused by a number of reasons: fatigue, ill health, broken relationships, etc. This can lead to whole life breakdowns, as we keep on wondering “what is my life all about?” You are probably nodding right now...

Yoga retreating is part of the staple diet of healing the body, mind and spirit. It is an essential space to keep connected to what matters and to check in with how my life is going. Without further ado, here’s why being on retreat is so much better than a holiday:


1.   Time to stop  

You get to completely stop your life as you know it. Time, that powerful force that seems so scarce these days, is given to you like a rare gift during retreat. Is needing to stop an internal message that’s getting louder for you? More importantly, are you ignoring or even procrastinating about why you can’t stop? Don’t give yourself the chance to regret not listening. 


2.   It’s 100% ALL about you  


A yoga retreat takes you away from all of your relationships to focus purely on your wellbeing. There’s no trying or “having to do” for someone else, no having to meet deadlines or appointments. All pressure is lifted to allow the person you want to be to shine through. It is doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. How perfect is that? 


3.   Reflection


Having precious time to yourself creates space for you to look at your life. From who is in it to what you are doing in it, in all areas. Be honest, is this precious life of yours just as you want it? Do you want to change something but never seem to have the space to find clarity and take action? Deep appreciation and gratitude for life are the natural ingredients of reflection, which brings a great deal of happiness. After all, a happy life is a life well lived! 


4.   Press the reset button


Retreating allows space for balance and harmony. Who are you when you are stressed out?  Not a great person to be around, for sure. A retreat is a perfect way to allow the kind, loving, compassionate, zesty, alive human being that you naturally are come through. 


5.   Rest  


Rest is critical to your wellbeing. It’s anti-ageing and just sorts out a whole lot of things. When you are fully rested you can see, hear and feel life with much more clarity and pleasure. 


6.   Yoga  


Yoga facilitates all of the above. It is the perfect way to balance your physical body with your internal physiology, and brings endless ways to nurture peace and equilibrium. 


7.   Health  


Holidays often encourage overindulgence with food and booze in particular, whereas a retreat is focused on the body and health. Many retreats offer cleansing programs and the chance to detox from your regular diet or bad eating habits. You can also learn new ways to improve your nutrition. 


8.   Meet like-minded people



You tend to meet more like-minded people on a retreat than on a regular holiday. Meditation and yoga tend to gather the spiritually curious or those seeking a deeper connection with themselves. Therefore, communication during a retreat can be a really amazing way to meet new friends for life. 

 Still not convinced that retreats are better than holidays? Go to BookYogaRetreats.com, choose among thousands of yoga retreats throughout the Globe and see for yourself!


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