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60 Pcs/box Sticks Incense Aromatherapy Fragrance.


$6 USD 

Application Scene: Living Room
Material: Flower & Bud
Specification: Gift Box
Classification: Aroma Only for Automobile
Regional Feature: Chinese Incense
Packaging: Simple Package for Private Use
Type: Stick Incense
Use: Aromatic


Benefits of Aromatic Incenses:

  • Lavender:   to help sleep, relax the spirit, calm irritable mood, relieve stress.  
  • Rose:   soothing the spirit, improve dry and sensitive skin and skincare.  
  • Jasmine: emotional stability, increased self-confidence, regulate hormone balance of the skin
  • Green Tea: anti-cancer, anti-aging, break down fat to lose weight, lower cholesterol, prevent colds.
  • Ocean:fresh spirits, encouraged by the spirit of revitalization.
  • Sandalwood: refreshing, heat meditation of evil to plague.
  • Limonium  :love and lover
  • Vanilla: people calm, recuperate, anti-inflammatory anti-infective.
  • Forests : spleen and kidney, heat refreshing, meditation raise gas, keeping energy.
  • Cologne:  prevent skin aging, reduce wrinkles, has an antibacterial effect.



  • Material:Natural Dried Flower +PCV Bottle
  • *Size:13.2*2cm(5.14"*0.78")
  • *Weight:23g
  • Packing:1 pack Fragrance sticks


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