We all know one of many ways to earn online income is affiliate marketing. Join an affiliate program from online company and share their banners and links on your website. But how many of you actually own a website or a full time blogger and has skill to write interesting articles? and how many of you have IG account and know how to post on Instagram? 

Instead of just give you link to banners and products page, we provide you with personal fully operated IG SHOP as your platform to start selling real products and earning real income. 

Join us and become a member of our "IG SHOP Partner" Program. Have your own fully operated IG SHOP and start selling online to the world. Earn unlimited income and flexible working hour.

This Program is designed to help yoga instructors, yoga practitioners, studio owners, bloggers, and anyone else looking to earn extra revenue. We offer 15% commission when someone purchase from your IG Shop.

Sign up the IG SHOP Partner program and we will set up for you a fully operational IG SHOP under the name of your choice. Then you can easily add products (copy/paste) to your IG SHOP from Newsoulcollection.com products link, start selling and earn income from your store.

Your IG SHOP products links will be unique to you. This allows you and us to track and calculate your IG SHOP sales and pay you the commision.

Payout can be in the form of bank transfer or deposit to your Paypal account. We issue payments every 25th - 30rd of the month.

 Who should join?

The newsoulcollection.com IG SHOP PARTNER Program is a great opportunity for yoga instructors, yoga practitioners, studio owners, bloggers, yoga enthusiasts, and individuals. Not only can you share your favorite yoga products from newsoulcollection.com, but you can get rewarded for your efforts.

Make money

Our commission is above industry standard at 15%. The more you sell, the more you earn. We do not require you to meet unrealistic sales projections.

 Provide Unbeatable Selection

We offer hundreds of products from the latest trends in fashion to yoga mats & gear to meditation essentials. Customers will always find what they need at newsoulcollection.com. Every single product sold will earn you commission, every time.

Get your own IG SHOP

Become a new owner/founder of your new IG SHOP. you can pick your own IG shop's name, set your own profile picture, promote your store the way you like it and most importantly, you can start selling to the whole world. We offer Free Shipping Worldwide for all of our products (retreats and holiday packages not included). It means you can also sell your IG SHOP products worldwide and forget about shipping issues. You sell, We deliver, You earn commission.  

 Receive helpful reports

You'll have 24/7 online access to your reports from your own dashboard, so you can track commission earned, unique visitors, referred orders, links, and more.

Get Expert Help

We will set up for you a new and fully operated IG SHOP and all you need to do is fill your new shop with products from newsoulcollection.com with your own unique id code. 


It's free to become a newsoulcollection.com partner, receive a referral links and start sharing them on your website or start selling in your Instagram account. 

If you are ready to own, operate your online IG SHOP and start selling to the world, just fill out our online application form and read our Partner Program Agreement.

Why Sell on Instagram?

Your friends and customers (and 400 million potential customers) actively use Instagram! Instagram users only follow brands that they are interested in, when you post a photo of a product why not give them the ability to purchase right then and there? Join Newsoulcollection.com IG SHOP Partner Program now to Sell on Instagram.

Instagram is growing and fast! Turn your Instagram Page into an Instagram Store to allow for Instagram Selling! You’ve put time, money and energy into building a loyal following on Instagram. Now it’s time for it to pay off.

The early bird gets the worm, and the first to sell on Instagram will get the the upper hand on dominating social selling.

Are you ready to become an owner of IG SHOP?


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