WHB5 Portable 400ml Alkaline Water Ionizer 304 Stainless Bottle

WHB5 Portable 400ml Alkaline Water Ionizer 304 Stainless Bottle

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  • Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand Name: DRVODA
  • Certification: CE
  • Function: Direct Drink
  • Water Quality Requirements: High Quality Drinking Water
  • Water treatment machine Type: Water Pitcher
  • Installation: Table Type
  • Power (W): 0
  • Use: Portable Ionizer
  • Type: Ionized Alkaline Water
  • Certification: SGS,FDA, STC
  • Name: Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer Bottle
  • Material : 304 stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 20cm(high)*7cm(diameter)
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Package: Color gift box
  • Alkaline pH: 8.0-9.5
  • Antioxidant ORP: -100~ -250mv
  • Filter Cartridge Media: Alkaline ionizing minerals


It is a portable alkaline dispenser, which can convert regular water into alkaline and ionized water that anyone can drink anywhere, anytime. Its filter includes 13 minerals to transform your source water. 

the Portable Ionizer

  •  Can improve your body’s acid by increasing water PH value by about 2 or more points  (pH 7+ to 9.5)
  •  Creates good negative ORP (antioxidant potential); typically reducing the ORP by at least 200mv, combating the free radicals which cause most degenerative diseases

  •  Uses natural Far Infrared Ionization to increase antioxidant power

  •  Creates small water molecules water which is easily absorbed by the body

  •  Creates abundance of activated hydrogen which helps eliminated active oxygen (free radicals)

  •  Uses Silver Ceramic and Anti-bacterial granules to keep water free of germs and molds

  •  Creates a silky-smooth and sweet tasting water


Importance of Water

Water sustains all forms of life. Water is the medium through which every metabolic function occurs in the body. If you are even slightly dehydrated at a cellular level, this will impair your cell’s ability to do its job. Proper hydration is crucial to good health, and not all water hydrates equally. Drinking the right kind of water will help improve wellness and longevity.

Oxidation – Free radicals are unstable atoms which react with healthy cells causing oxidative damage. It’s the same thing that makes an apple turn brown or iron rust. Researchers believe that free radical damage is a contributing factor in nearly every known disease and aging. Antioxidants stop oxidation. Hydride ions (H-) have an extra electron that neutralizes free radicals. Alkaline water is abundant in very small molecules of activated hydrogen which can help to counteract oxidative or free radical damage. It acts as a super-pervasive antioxidant due to its molecular weight of 18 daltons (takes less than 500 daltons to cross the blood brain barrier).

Why Alkaline Ionized Water

The Need for an Alkaline Environment – Our bodies function best when they are neither too acid nor too alkaline. Unfortunately most of us have become overly acidic due to poor diet, popular beverages, lack of healthy exercise, environmental contaminants and stress. Acidity or alkalinity is measured by “pH”, and ranges from 0 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline) while a pH of 7 is neutral. .Our blood system is always working to keep itself in the narrow range of pH 7.35 to 7.45. Drinking alkaline water helps the body maintain a healthy pH level. An easy way to assist your body in becoming more alkaline is to drink alkaline water.

PHMain Function

  • Helps filter your water of chlorine and other contaminants

  • Can help improve your systemic acid/alkaline balance 

  • Will provide an abundance of negative ions

  • Can help increase your hydration by reducing molecular cluster size

  • Has a low negative ORP – providing you powerful antioxidant potential

  • Provides natural far infrared ionization

  • Supplies active hydrogen ions